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Resident Evil Walkthrough
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Zombies - Aimlessly wandering the halls of the mansion searching for warm flesh to sink their teeth into.

Ravens - Abnormally large, aggressive birds who have gained an insatiable taste for blood.

Snakes - Vicious serpents indigenous to the Arklay Forest. Cerberus - Virus ridden canines. Extremely quick and agile creatures paired with a voracious appetite for human flesh.

Giant Wasps - Enormous wasps with a fierce territorial instict. They will swarm and attack any creature that draws too close to their nest.

Giant Spiders - Mutated spiders lie in wait, eagerly anticipating sinking their huge fangs into the next hapless creature that entwines itself in the spider's sticky web.

Yawn - Mutated snake. Abnormally large and extremely poisonous possessing great agitlity and quickness.

Hunters - Genetically engineered killing machines. Perfect for "seek-and-destroy" type missions. Part man, part amphibian; these creatures are fast and agile as well as insanely powerful. Their powerful legs can propel them over great distances.

Neptune - Giant shark. Excessively violent and seems to hunt prey not for food but to satisfy it's thirst for blood.

Plant 42 - Giant plant mutated by vile experiments. Aggressive, carnivorous, and will violently protect itself should the need arise.

Chimeras - a half insect, half man abomination. Resides in the ducts and airways of the Power Room leaving it's sanctuary only when alerted of the presences of prey.

Lisa Trevor - An invincible enemy. No matter how much you throw at her she keeps coming back for more. Avoid her like the plague.

Tyrant - The worst thing on two legs since the Tyrannosaurus Rex.