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Resident Evil Walkthrough
-Walkthrough- -Enemies- -Revisions- -Prologue- -Secrets- -Files- -Weapons- -Items- -Characters-
Jill Valentine's Quest
This Walkthrough will concentrate on main items, lesser items will be placed later.
Quest for the Map of the First Floor
Go to the door opposite the Dining Room.  Push the chest to the statue and climb up on it to reach into the jar for the map.
There is a Defensive Dagger on the shelf at the end of the room the chest was blocking.
First Floor Map Acquired
After the cutscene return to Kenneth's body and retrieve the video cassette from his camera.  Note the Typewriter to the 
side and the InkRibbons on the table as well as the Emblem above the fireplace as you go through the Dining Room again.
Then continue on to the room past  the door to the left of this.
There are herbs in this room under the stairs.  The number of herbs available depends on the level of difficulty you are 
using.  (Example : there will be 2 herbs on Normal but only 1 on Hard.) This FAQ is on Normal Mode.
Quest for the Sword Key
Up the stairs and through the door.
There is a Golden Arrow in this winding hall.  Examine the arrow on pickup to remove the arrowhead. Don't miss the 
Handgun Magazine near  the Arrow on the floor or the Green Herb that was in front of you when you entered this hall.
Continue to the end of this hall and unlock the door to lead back to the Dining Room...on the second floor this time.
Grab the Defensive Dagger and if you want to go ahead and push the statue to the hole in the railing and push it over the 
side to the floor below.  You can do this now or later when I'm describing how to get the Blue Gemstone.  At any rate, go 
to the Main Hall.
Go through the painted door on the middle of the staircase to a graveyard.
At the far end of the graveyard is a slab with an arrowhead depression.
Hey!  We have an arrowhead!
Open the passage and go down.
The pedestal under the metal coffin has a book on it. (Book of Curse)
Examine the book and rotate it to look at the back to reveal a key.
Examine the back of the key to reveal it to be the Sword Key.
Sword Key Acquired
Return to the mansion.
Quest for the Armor Key
Armed with the Sword Key go to the left door on the east side of the second floor in the main hall - the door locked with 
the Sword Key.  This will lead many of us back to familiar territory.  This is the hall with the Armor Puzzle and the 
passageway to Yawn.
Go to the far end of the hall and enter the last door.  Pick up the Wooden Mount on the table on the way if you want the 
Second Floor Map.
While your in the room pick up the Botany Book and the Lighter on the desk.  Then go pick up the Dog Whistle &
Crumpled Memo near the chessboard on the opposite side of the room.  A Handgun Magazine is on the desk alongside the 
Go through the door opposite the way you entered this room.
Turn right and unlock the door to create a shortcut so you won't have to keep going through that little room to get here.
*Side Quest*
Quest for the Map of the Second Floor
If you have the Lighter and the Wooden Mount go all the way down this hall and to the door at the very end.
Use the Lighter on the fireplace and slam the Wooden Mount on the impression above the fireplace to create the Map of 
the Second Floor.
Don't forget to grab the Green Herb before you leave this room!
Map of Second Floor Acquired
*Side Quest End*
Return to the hall if you went for the Map and go down the stairs.  The door you see to the side is a save room.
Inside the save room is a Typewriter, a kerosene tank, a Fuel Canteen on the floor and an Item Box.  Fill the Canteen with 
kerosene in the large canister near the doorway if you plan on burning zombie bodies to prevent Crimson Head surprises. 
Unlike Chris, Jill has to carry around a Lighter in her personal items which sacrifices a slot when picking up items.
Don't forget the goodies in the Item Box.  Particularly, the First Aid Spray!
Travel all the way back to the Main Hall and enter the door on the second floor that leads to the Dining Room second floor. 
Push the Statue off the edge if you haven't already and unlock the left door locked with the Sword Key.
Unlock the metal door with the lockpick to enter the West Terrace.  Blow the Dog Whistle.  Pick up the Collar and examine 
the latch on the front. Before you leave take note of the collection of Green Herbs on the side of the terrace you entered 
from and use them if you are wounded! Careful, they are limited and can't be used forever!
Examine the Coin that falls out of the Collar and rotate it until the Armor carving is shown.  The Coin should change into a 
key shape.  This  is the "Imitation of a Key."  Go to the far end and unlock the door to lead back to the Main Hall.  You don't
have to do this unless you just  want to have alldoors open.
Go back through the metal door to the hallway and go around the stairs to the multi hinged door at the end of the hall.  
This will send you
to the hall you found the Golden Arrow in.  Go left through the opening and right past the Green Herb to a door.  Might as 
well grab that Green  Herb while you're at it!
You will see a set of armor to the side of the new room.  Follow the path to the grey block with the key in it.  Grab the key 
and examine it.   Rotate ituntil the carving of Armor is shown - it's the Armor Key!
This action sets off a trap.  Place the "Imitation of a key" into the slot to deactivate and reset the trap.
Armor Key Aquired
Wow, 2 keys in our arsenal!  We're ready to get to work.
*Side Quest*
Quest for the Grenade Launcher
Take the new Armor Key and go to the Main Hall.  This key will unlock the other door on the East side next to the door you 
unlocked earlier with the Sword Key.
This door leads you to the East Terrace where you'll find a Defense Dagger on a bench and across from the bench is the Grenade 
Further on there are two Green Herbs at the end of the Terrace.
Grenade Launcher Acquired
*Side Quest End*
Quest for the Death Mask 1 of 4
With the Armor Key return to the hallway across the main hall on the second floor (The one with the doors to the Armory and the 
Snake Room)  and enter the metal door in the middle of the hall after the first turn.
This activates the puzzle.  The object is to push the suits of armor back against the wall.
Push the Far Right one.
Push the Close Left one.
Push the Close Right one.
Grab the Jewelry Box from the new opening.
Examine the Jewelry Box and rotate the box until the image of a sun and a moon is showing.
The message "Sunlight will awaken me" is shown.
Note the empty slots on the sun image.  Press the switches of the shapes that will fit into those shapes and the box will open.
Death Mask 1 Acquired
One down and three to go!
Quest for the Death Mask 2 of 4
Go to the hallway and turn left and go to the first door on the right that you unlocked before.
*Side Quest*
Quest for the Wind Crest
Turn the corner and enter the first door.  Grab the Red Herb in the corner.
Then go into the door closest to the Red Herb that leads to the Water Tank Room.
Inside this room is the Researcher's Will.
A puzzle awaits too!
Go to the display of fishing hooks and grab a Fishhook.
Go to the display of fishing lures and grab the Bee Specimen.
Go to the display of insects and grab the Lure of a Bee.
Combine the Lure of a Bee with the Fishhook and place the new Lure of a Bee on the display of fishing lures.
Place the Bee Specimen on the display of insects.
Press the button under the insect display.
Kill the Bee and grab the Wind Crest.
Wind Crest Acquired
If you want to go to the room opposite the Water Tank Room and grab the goodies!  The spoils are : Ink Ribbons, a Green  Herb 
and  a First Aid  Box containing a First Aid Spray.
*Side Quest End*
Return to the main hallway.
Go down the stairs.
Drop by the Save Room and pick up the gift of Incendiary Shells and the First Aid Spray then exit and go down the small hall to 
the door with the almost broken knob and enter the next hall.
The door on the opposite side of the hall is the Picture Puzzle Room.
Click on the button under the picture closest to the door.
Go around the bend.
Click on the buttons under the closest picture and the middle picture.
The colors should be from left to right (on the side of the wall you are now on):
Orange, Purple, Green
Go to the far picture and click on the button to open the wall to the gated off area you saw in the graveyard when you went for 
the Sword Key.
Grab the Death Mask on the ground.
Death Mask 2 Acquired
Hot damn!  Half done!
Quest for the Death Mask 3 of 4
Two choices :
1 - Unlock the gate and go through the graveyard to the door to the main hall and go through the door with the Statue of the 
Woman who had the First Floor map.
Through the door locked with the Sword Key and down the hall to the next door.  There is a Defensive Dagger under the second 
chest and a Handgun Magazine under  the last chest.  You should see a metal door to the side after taking a few steps into the 
next room.
2 - Go back through the Picture Puzzle Room to the hall but instead of going through the door to the save room go past that one to 
the far door.
Weave through the next hall til you see the metal door.
Unlock the metal door and go outside.
Around the corner is a bag of Chemical in the wheelbarrow.
There are also two Green Herbs, one Red Herb and a kerosene tank nearby.
Grab the Chemical and whatever else you want and go back inside.
The door slightly in front of the metal door is a small bathroom.
Drain the tub for another Defensive Dagger.
Then start the trek back to the Main Hall.
Go to the second floor and through the door to the Dining Room.
Go through the left door at the far end of the room.
Forget the metal door and go down the stairs.
There is a save room to the side of the staircase complete with a Typewriter, Ink Ribbons, and an Item Box.
Go down the hall.
The first door has a Broken Shotgun, a Battery Pack, a kerosene tank, and Ink Ribbons in the desk.
*Side Quest*
Quest for the Shotgun
Go to the hallway that has the metal door that led to the Chemical.
At the end of this hallway take the door across from the double doors that leads to the hallway that contains the Back Door and
Puzzle Room.
Go through the little room to the next one.
Exchange the Broken Shotgun for the Shotgun.
Also pick up the Defensive Dagger and Ink Ribbons on the small table should you need either.
Shotgun Acquired
*Side Quest End*
Return to the area where you got the Broken Shotgun but continue past that door to the next one.
The path forks here.
The left path leads to the Plant Room.  Grab the Battery Pack on the desk then go to the Plant Room.
Place the Chemical in the water tank and set the switch to RED to kill the vines.  Grab any/all of the five Green Herbs lying in the 
The Death Mask is at the back of the room.
Death Mask 3 Acquired
Only one more of these ridiculous Death Masks!
Quest for the Death Mask 4 of 4
Exit the Plant Room and go back to the fork in the hall this time going down the other path.
The door opposite the alcove has the Keeper's Diary on the desk, a Battery Pack in the closet, and a Handgun Magazine on the
The alcove is is the door to the Tiger Statue.
*Side Quest*
Blue Gemstone Reward
Remember the Statue you pushed over the edge of the second floor dining room?
Return to the first floor of the Dining Room and look for the Statue.
Grab the Blue Gemstone and return to the alcove opposite the Keeper Diary Room.
Place the Blue Gemstone in the Tiger Head to get Shotgun Shells.
Blue Gemstone Award Acquired
*Side Quest End*
Ok, now we are ready to get the last Death Mask. However, many things must be done before the path will be opened to us. 
 Let's begin.
Go to the hallway on the second floor where you solved the Armor Puzzle.
The first door you see is the one to go through.
Get the Serum!
The path to the Serum is starts by going to the second floor Dining Room.
Go through the left door at the end of the room.
Go down the stairs and into the Save Room.
The Serum is on the shelf.
Backtrack to where you were when the Serum Quest started.
Serum Acquired
Grab the two Green Herbs and continue on past the room to the opposite door to the next room.
There is a long hall going away to a door and a set of stairs leading to a very nasty looking door.  The door is locked with the 
Shield Key. 
We don't have that.
Before you leave this area, go down the long hall to the room.
Grab the Handgun Magazine on the table then light the candles with the Lighter and push the chest to the side revealing the 
hidden room.  
Unless you have the candles lit you will not be able to see the Musical Score in the chest in the small room.
Quest for the Shield Key
Go to the Dining Room and grab the Emblem.
Go to the hallway where Kenneth met his death.
The door just before the far corner is the Piano Room.
If you want go around the corner and unlock the door at the bottom of the stairs and get rid of the Sword Key.
This room leads to a kitchen with a Defensive Dagger on the counter near the big pot and an elevator around the corner at the far end.
Return to the Piano room.
Go around the piano and push the shelves to the side to reveal ...another Musical Score.  Combine the two Musical Scores and use 
it on the
Read Trevor's Diary and switch the Gold Emblem for the Emblem.
Take the Gold Emblem to the place the Emblem was.
This opens the Clock Puzzle.
Move the Large Gear to the left/right twice then choose "no".
Grab the Shield Key out of the hole.
Shield Key Acquired
Return to the door locked by the Shield Key.
*Boss Fight*
YAWN - the Giant Snake -Round One
If you saved Richard he will help you, otherwise you fight alone.
Either attack Yawn until he retreats or just run and grab the Death Mask at the far end of the room and hightail it out of there!
If you stay and fight until Yawn retreats and Richard had helped you remember to grab his Assault Shotgun from the floor before 
If Yawn poisons you, quickly run to the Serum Room and grab a dose of Serum before the poison kills you.
*End Boss Fight*
Death Mask 4 Aquired
Thank God!  All the damn Death Masks.  Examine all of them to see the names of each mask.
Quest for the Stone and Metal Object
Go to the area you got the Sword Key (Out in the Graveyard where you put down the Green Arrow head.) and place the four Death 
Masks on their correct place on the wall with the four faces.
Each Death Mask placed correctly will release a chain on the coffin.
When the coffin crashes to the ground go inspect it.
*Boss Fight*
Crimson Head Prototype
No one will help you in this fight so I hope you conserved ammo and brought some healing items.
After felling the beast check the coffin for the switch to open the door and grab the Stone and Metal Object as well as the Shotgun 
sitting to the side of the casket.
*End Boss Fight*
Stone and Metal Object Acquired
Whew!  Now we can leave the mansion.
Quest for the Square Crank
If you unlocked the gate in the graveyard after the Picture Puzzle, use it to go through the Picture Room and go straight down the 
hall across from the door to the exit.
Go down this pathway and place the Stone and Metal Object in the carving to unlock the door to get to the Shed.
In the Shed you will find a First Aid Spray, Shotgun Shells, and a Battery Unit.
Go down the small set of stairs to the door.
Go down the path stopping at the weathervanes to set the direction.
Set the Red Weathervane to point WEST and the Blue Weathervane to point NORTH.
This unlocks the gate to another graveyard ahead.
*Side Quest*
Quest for the Magnum Revolver
Take the path to the right in the next area to the twin gravestones.
Place the Wind Crest on the right tombstone and take the Moon, Sun and Star Crests.
Examine the back of each Crest and press the button to make the impressions extend and place them on the left tombstone to get
Magnum Revolver!
Magnum Revolver Acquired
*Side Quest End*
Go to the fence opposite the one you entered and follow the path to the Cabin.
Enter the Cabin.
Grab the Map of the Courtyard at the top of the stairs on the wall.
There is a Family Picture along with a note on the desk with the Typewriter and an Item Box in the area past that.
Around the corner from the Item Box is a small dirt area that has a Square Crank.
Attempt to leave the Cabin.
You cannot kill the mutant woman that appears.  You can knock her down if you have enough firepower, but why waste it?
Run past her and return to the Shed.
Square Crank Acquired
Go through the double doors.
Go across the area to the gate, taking the Green Herb as you go.
Go around the pool to the square impression and use the Square Crank to drain the water.
Go across the bridge and follow the path to the elevator.
Go left and pass in front of the waterfall to the gate.
Grab the Red Herb then follow the path to the Residence.
Just in front of you are three Blue Herbs.
Grab some in case you get poisoned and enter the door on the right side of the hall for a Save Room.
There is a Battery Pack here as well as a kerosene tank, a Typewriter, Ink Ribbons and an Item Box.
Door 001 is locked so go to the other door past the crate.
Grab the Red Book on the bar down the stairs around the corner.
There is a First Aid Box next to the Red Book that holds a Green/Blue Herb Mix.
Don't forget the Green Herbs near the door of the room as well as next to the Red Lamp.
Light all three lamps and record the color of the light and the shape that was under the lamp as well as the colors and numbers of 
the billiard balls on the pool table on the higher level for the Pass Code Puzzle.
Quest for the 001 Key
Leave the room and push the crate against the other crates in the small hallway to the side.  Use the crates as stairs to avoid the 
tentaclesfrom the holes on the floor.
Go to the next hall.
Go to the far end of the hall to Room 002.
DO NOT take the Map of the Residence off the wall past Room 002 just yet, lest you open another area to Giant Wasp infestation.
Grab the Plant 42 Report on the desk and push the bookshelves out of the way to reveal the hidden ladder.
Don't go down the ladder but go into the bathroom and grab the 001 Key off the shelf.
001 Key Acquired
Return to Room 001 in the main hall.
Quest for the Control Room Key
In Room 001, go into the bathroom and drain the tub for the Control Room Key.
Before you leave, go into the main room and grab the Self Defense Gun, the Suicide Note, and the Handgun Magazine from the desk.
Control Room Key Acquired
Now return to Room 002 and go down the ladder.
Quest for the Gallery Key
Push the crates in this hallway into the water to create a bridge to the other side.
Cross the "bridge" and grab the Green Herb before you step into the water and through the door.
Quickly run to the right of the door along the path to avoid Neptune's One-Hit-Kill-Swallow-You-Whole-Attack until you reach the 
Control Room.
Go down the ladder and read the large white board to see which valve to mess with to restore oil pressure.
Go to the main console in the middle under the window and press the button to drain the water.
Work quickly after the shark smashes into the window for you are on a timer!
Quickly go to the right console and press the Safety Release.
Turn around and go to the left console and pull the lever.
Exit the room and go left at the fork to find the oil valves.
Select the choice that the white board told you to.
Quickly return to the right console and press the Safety Release.
Back to the left console and move the lever.
Finally, press the button on the middle console to drain the water.
Grab the Aqua Ring Map from the wall behind the white board.
Go back to the hallway with the oil valves grab the First Aid Box which contains two mixed Green Herbs and then take the opposite 
path to the door.
Go towards the screen to reveal the next door which leads into the Aqua Ring.
Go to the far end of the room and climb on the ledge.
Try to grab the key.
*Boss Fight*
Push the green box into the water.
Turn and pull the lever to fry Neptune.
Grab the Gallery Key from the water.
*End Boss Fight*
Gallery Key Acquired
The Gallery is in the same hall as Room 002...go there.
Quest for the 003 Key
To do this you need to go back to the room you entered after you left the Control Room to enter the newly drained tank and go 
through the fence at the back past the door that leads to the Control Room.
Round the corner but first grab the Magnum Rounds.
Climb the ladder and unlock the door.
Follow the hall to the ladder back into the 002 Room.
Then into the hallway and to the door in the middle of the hall.
Quickly run around the display past the 003 Room to the body in the hall.
Pry the Insecticide Spray out of his cold, dead hand and quickly leave the Gallery.
Go back towards Room 002 but continue past it to the Map of the Residence on the wall.
Remove the map and use the Insecticide Spray on the hole to kill all the Giant Wasps in the nest.
Return to the Gallery and run down the hall the dead man is in to the Giant Wasp Nest and grab the 003 Key.
003 Key Acquired
While your here use the colors, shapes and numbers you got in the Pool Table Room to open the Pass Code Door and grab the 
Handgun Magazine from the stand in the middle of the room.  There is also a Red Herb in front of the double doors near the back
of the room to the right of Door 003.  The ridiculous Pass Code puzzle had me tearing out my hair trying to figure out where the 
RED ball was.
Just use different cominations of "6", "3", and "5" to open the door.
Trial and error accompanied by the process of elimination will topple the puzzle.
Quest for the Helmet Key
Go into Room 003 and save on the Typewriter should the feeling to do so arise.
Take the White Book from the shelf and replace it with the Red Book.
Arrange the Red Books to form a picture of a nude woman to solve the Book Puzzle.
Exchange these books:
(From left to right)
1 and 4
2 and 6
3 and 7
A secret door is revealed.
You options are as follows :
1 - Fight Plant 42 without doing the V-Jolt Quest. 
2 - Use the V-Jolt to kill Plant 42's root before fighting it.
Option 2 is the only way to get Barry to interfere and kill Plant 42 with the Flamethrower.  Option 2 pretty much skips the battle 
V-Jolt Quest
Mix the ingredients in the following way:
Water = 1
The other 3 chemicals are in the big jars.
V-Jolt is # 20
1 + 3 = 4
4 + 6 = 10
1 + 6 = 7
10 + 7 = 17
17 + 3 = 20
1 + 3 = 4 + 6 = 10
1 + 6 = 7 + 10 = 17 + 3 = V-Jolt
V-Jolt Acquired
Now to kill the Root...
Quest to Kill the Root of Plant 42 with V-Jolt
Return to the first place you saw Neptune.
Go across the bridge and around the structure to find a door.
Inside the room is Plant 42's Root.
Use the V-Jolt on the Root to kill it.
Return to Room 003.
Plant 42's Root Destroyed
Enter the secret door you revealed.
If you skipped the V-Jolt Quest:													
*Boss Fight*
Plant 42
Run up the stairs and unload on the bulb while avoiding the poison the plant vines shoot at you and the tentacle whips.
Grab the Helmet Key from the fireplace on the ground floor.
-If you did destroy the root :
Plant 42 will grab you in it's vines and Barry will storm in and fry the plant with his Flamethrower.
*End Boss Fight*                                                      								            	
Helmet Key Acquired
Return to the mansion.
Grab whatever you can carry from the stash in the Shed.
Your choices are:
Battery Pack, First Aid Spray, and Grenade Shells.
Quest for the Eagle Medal
Go into the door to the Save Room and go up the stairs.
Go down the hall to the room at the far end you got the second floor map.
Use the new Helmet Key to unlock the door.
Push the Statue into the room all the way to the wall. The Statue will stop the walls from crushing you.
Run around the right wall and press the button to reset the walls.
Run back and push the Statue in front of the hole in the wall before the walls close again.
Go into the new opening grab the Defensive Dagger off the table and drop down the hole.
Grab the Red Book and examine it.
Rotate the book until you are looking at the pages.
The book should open.
Inside is the Eagle Medal
Eagle Medal Acquired
Read Trevor's Second Diary and press the switch to open the path.
Quest for the Battery
Continue down the hall and take a right at the fork to get the Shotgun Shells from the small alcove around the corner and the 
Map of the Mansion B1 from the wall.  Return to the fork and take the left path and continue to the door.
Go down the hall, grabbing the Red or Blue Herb as needed, and go into the water filled corridor when you get to the fork and 
throw the switch around the corner to turn the elevator power back on.
Go back to the fork and grab the Defensive Dagger then take the other path and go through the door.
Your back in the mansion kitchen.
Go towards the screen and around the corner to the elevator at the far end of the room.
When you get out of the elevator go toward the screen to reveal the small alcove with a Red Herb and two Green Herbs then go
back past the elevator and around the corner to the door before the next turn in the hall.
Grab the Battery off the shelf and the Battery Pack from the floor.  Grab the Shotgun Shells and Acid Rounds if you want as well.  
Then exit the room and continue down the hall to the next door.
Battery Acquired
There are still rooms to explore.  While we are here let's take care of some of the other tasks.
Quest for the Yellow & Red Gemstones
Go down the hall and go through the multi hinged door before the last turn in the hall.
Use the Helmet Key on the door just before the stairs.
There is a Defensive Dagger and Grenade rounds as well as a file on the table in this room.
Push each crate in front of each animal head.
Turn off the light switch.
Go to the far side of the room and wait for the Eagle to turn completely towards you.
Hug the wall and run under the bird. It will not move if you move very close to the wall which gives you plenty of time to climb 
on the boxes and grab the jewels.
Jump up onto the crate and grab the glowing jewel BEFORE the eagle turns completely around.
Repeat this to get the other jewel.
Red and Yellow Gemstones Acquired
Quest for the Mo Disc 1 of 3
Take the Yellow Gemstone to the Tiger Head Room and place it in the statue to get the Disc.
Mo Disc 1 Acquired
Quest for the Wolf Medal
Go back to the place where you got the Armor Key and go past the grey block to the door.
Grab the two Green Herbs then run down the hall until the cut-scene takes over.
*Boss Fight*
Yawn - The Giant Snake
This time the fight is to the death!
He can't poison you this time but that makes him no less deadly.
In his death, he lunges and knocks some books on the floor... one of them is a blue book with a wolf on it.
Grab the book and examine it to get the Wolf Medal.
*End Boss Fight*
Wold Medal Acquired
Quest for the Spencer Key
Go to the Main Hall.
Go into the door next to the double doors that leads to the Woman Drawing Water Room.
Read the note, grab the Ink Ribbons from the desk around the corner then pass through this room to the next.
Grab the Jewelry Box from the shelf.
There are Blue Herbs, a Green Herb, and a Defensive Dagger on the floor in here.
Combine the Red Gemstone with the box and the puzzle will initiate.
Rotate all pieces to look like this:
Arrange them in this order:
1 at the bottom of the octagon.
2 on top of the left side of number 1.
3 on top of the middle part of number 1.
4 on top of the right side of number 1.
5 at the very top of the octagon.
Upon completion the box will open and you will get a Broach.
Examine the Broach to turn it into a key.  The Spencer Key!
Spencer Key Acquired
Go to the hall with the Picture Puzzle Room and use the Spencer Key on the door.
Inside is a Metal Object and a Battery Pack...grab 'em!
Leave the mansion and go through the courtyard to where the waterfall is but this time go to the far end of the area and place 
Battery in the slot and use the elevator next to it.
Go to the pond you drained before and use the Square Crank to stop the waterfall and refill the pond.
Quest for the Hexagonal Crank
Go back down to the waterfall area using the other elevator you just fixed and go where the waterfall used to be and enter the 
cavern.  Go down the ladder and into the door.
Go down the path to the door.
Go around the pit to the little room across from it and get the Shaft from the stand.
There are two Handgun Magazines on the floor in the Pit Room.
Go to the far door.
Follow the path to the end.
Get the Hexagonal Crank.
Hexagonal Crank Acquired
Quest for the Cylinder
Return to the entrance of the carvern but instead of going up the ladder go the other way and around the bend.
Utilize the Ink Ribbons next to the Typewriter and the nearby Item Box if needed.
Use the Hexagonal Crank on the panel in the wall to open the path.
Don't miss the Green Herb just before the door!
Run up to the boulder then turn, run, and duck into alcove near the door you came in from to avoid the boulder.
There are Shotgun Shells in the corner where the boulder was originally.
Go through the hole the boulder made to a door.
*Boss Fight*
Giant Spider
Just blast it while avoiding the poison spit and the other spiders that come out.
Use the Knife in the room or Incendiary Rounds to knock the web off the door.
In the next room to the right of the door are two Blue Herbs and the Map of the Courtyard B1 on the wall.  Grab them and go back 
the door to another door to a room with another movable floor and a boulder.
Use the Hexagonal Crank on the wall panel to move the hole three times and reveal a secret door.
The boulder will start rolling so run into the alcove and through the door.
Behind the boulder's original position is a First Aid Box containing a First Aid Spray.
Push the Statue in front of the metal thing in the wall then use the Hexagonal Crank on the panel in the opposite wall to move the 
Statue out.
Use the Hexagonal Crank again to retract the wall and push the Statue onto the circle on the floor to rotate it.
Push the Statue off the circle then push it back on to rotate it one more time.
Push the Statue into the hole in the wall to open the secret compartment that holds the Cylinder.
Cylinder Acquired
Combine the Shaft and Cylinder.
Take this new device back to where you got the Shaft and place the whole unit into the stand.
Press the buttons in this order:
Go down the lift.
Quest for the Broken Flamethrower
Go through the tunnel, avoiding the mutant "Leatherface" wannabe woman as you wind through the halls until you get to some 
At the top of the stairs go to the left to find a door.
There is a Red Herb and a Green Herb at the foot of the stairs.
In this room is a large crate and a lift.
Push the crate onto the lift and press the button.
Return to the main lift you used to get to this area back past the tunnels that the mutant woman is in.
Go down to the wooden area past the Item Box to a ladder.
Go down the ladder and push the crate out of the lift and left and up into the crusher.
Push the button to crush the box and get the Broken Flamethrower.
Broken Flamethrower Acquired
Return to the tunnel the mutie woman is roaming around in and find the switch on the wall.
Quest for the Stone Ring
Turn the switch then run to the door at the bottom of the stairs to the left of where the Red and Green Herbs are to the panel 
with the hooks on it and place the Broken Flamethrower onto the hooks before they retract.
Go through the door.
Go around the room, through the waterway to the next room and grab the Jewelry Box.
Examine the box to get the Stone Ring as well as a Family Picture and some notes.
Stone Ring Acquired
Combine the Metal Object with the Stone Ring.
Another Stone and Metal Object! Joy!
Climb the ladder.
At the top of the ladder to the left is a Blue Herb and a Green Herb.
To the right of the ladder is another ladder.
Climb the ladder to find yourself back in the Cabin you originally met the lady mutant in.
Return to the mansion.
When you exit the Shed take the other Stone and Metal Object you used to open the shed with you.
Go to the Main Hall and go behind the stairs to the gate and use both Stone and Metal Objects on the gate.
Use the Item Box and Typewriter wisely!
Continue down the stairs to the door at the end of the path.
Take the ladder down.
Decision time!!!
Do you give Barry his gun back or not?
Hurry up and decide!  The monster doesn't like to be kept waiting!
*Boss Fight*
Lisa Trevor
If you give Barry his gun back he will assist you in fighting Lisa otherwise she kills him.
A quick way to finish the battle is to push all the stones off the ledge and Lisa will grab a bone out of the coffin and jump off 
the edge herself.
Otherwise you have to fire at her until she is knocked off the ledge.
You have to push the stones off the ledge to open the door anyway so save that ammo and just push the stones off and Lisa 
will leave.
Get the Family Picture from the casket interior.
*End Boss Fight*
Go up the elevator and place the Wolf and Eagle Medals in the proper slots to open the path under the pool.
Go down the stairs and into the elevator.
*End of Disc 1*
*Start of Disc 2*
We are now in the secret Umbrella Laboratory!  The end of the horror is in sight!
Quest for the Mo Disc 2 of 3
Go down the ladder.
Ahh!  A Save Room and Item Box!
In the next room grab the Green Herbs along the path then go around the corner to the desk to grab the Mo Disc then go 
down the stairs.
Mo Disc 2 Acquired
Quest for the Lab Key and the Mo Disc 3 of 3
At the foot of the stairs go into the nearby door.
The First Aid Box on the floor just when you walk in has a mixture of two Green Herbs.
Go into the door the Box was in front of.
Grab the X-Ray off the stack of boxes in the corner and the other X-Ray on the shelf under the white boards.
Place the X-Rays in such a manner that the first and last initials of the patient names form:
Click the blue switch and take note of the highlighted organs then look on the chart for the initials of each.
The initials put together is the code to unlock the door on B2.
Read the Researcher's Letter near the computer.
Return to the foot of the stairs go into the narrow hall across from the door to the other end and through the door.
Use the computer at the back of the room to unlock the electronic locks.
Login : John
Password : Ada
Password to unlock B2 : Cell
Read the file next to the computer.
The area across from the computer has a Battery Pack on the shelf at the end.
Go to the foot of the stairs and go into the nearby door.
In this hall go into the second door.
Use the Mo Disc on the GameCube device to unlock one of the levers on the Triple Lock Door at the end of the hallway 
outside this room.
Take the Slides and the Incendiary Rounds and read the Fax next to the desk behind the shelf then go upstairs to the 
room near where
 you got the second Mo Disc.
Grab the First Aid Spray from the table and use the Slide Filter on the projector and remember the last slide with the 
four numbers.
Use these numbers on the Pass Code device on the wall to open a secret area.
You can view Kenneth's tape here.  Grab the Security protocols from the shelf just outside the small area and the Lab 
Key from the
desk when your done.
The Mo Disc 3 is on the shelf near the Pass Code device.
Lab Key and the Mo Disc 3 Acquired
Take the Lab Key and go back downstairs all the way to the other side of the hall and all the way to the bottom and unlock 
both doors 
to get rid of the Lab Key.
Go into the double doors first.
Push the shelf out of the way, grab the Shotgun Shells and enter the vent.
Enter the vent on the adjacent wall.
Use the Mo Disc on the GameCube device to unlock another lever on the Triple Lock Door.  Grab the Battery Pack next to the 
GameCube on the desk.
Then push the shelf and exit this room.
Quest for the Elevator Power
Go through the other door you unlocked with the Lab Key and ignore the first double doors...they will never open...besides 
you were 
already in there.
The door across from the hall you entered through is a Save Room.
On the table is a First Aid Spray, Ink Ribbons, and a Typewriter.  There are some Grenade Rounds on the floor near the 
table and an 
Item Box in the corner.
Turn right from outside the Save Room and go into the Power Room at the end of the hall.
Kill all enemies in this room!  Then go to the console in the back and grab the Fuel Supply Capsule. Directions to it from 
the entrance
 is to go left from the door and into the last corridor.
The console is located at the end of this corridor.
Return to the room where you got the Slide Filter and recharge the Fuel Supply Capsule in the device.
WALK back to the console in the Power Room and place the Fuel Supply Capsule  into the console.
Go further into the Power Room and use the Mo Disc on the GameCube device to unlock the final lock on the Triple Lock 
Even further into the Power Room brings you to the Elevator Power Station.
The Console to turn on the Elevator Power is at the back of the room.
Elevator Power Restored
Go to the elevator past the save room in the hall outside the Boiler Room.
Enter the lab.
*Boss Fight*
Just unload on him with your heaviest firepower until he collapses.
Pickup the Observation Note from Wesker's body then use the console at the far end to unlock the doors.
*End Boss Fight*
Run to the Triple Lock Door and open it.
Run down the hall to the jail cell and spring Chris from his confinement.
Run through the lab until you reach the entrance and take the double doors to the escape route.
There are Shotgun Shells and a First Aid Box containing a Green Herb on the escape path.
Grab the Fuse Unit on the floor and use it in the hole in the wall near the elevator.
Grab the Signal Rockets and use them on the center of the landing pad.
*Boss Fight*
Pound on it until Brad tosses you the Rocket Launcher then blow the thing away!
CAREFUL - Tyrant has the ability to deflect missiles you shoot at it!
*End Boss Fight*
*End Jill*